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Parallel Architectural Products understands that quality and durability are paramount when it comes to investing in your home or business, and we are committed to ensuring that our customers’ investments stand the test of time. Covering both Parallel aluminum parts, and solid and woodgrain finishes, our warranty is our promise to you that we stand by the excellence of our products. Our limited warranty on our aluminum systems covers any buckling, corrosion or other defects in material or workmanship.

For a period of fifteen years from the date of purchase, we also provide a warranty for the woodgrain finish of our products, and 20 years for solid colors. This covers any cracking, color change, chalking, or other defects, ensuring that the aesthetic appeal of your spaces remains uncompromised. Customers must register their warranty for it to be valid, so be sure to complete and return the warranty form listed on our Full Warranty following the purchase of your products. We look forward to helping you achieve your project goals!

20-Year Warranty
on all Parallel solid color finishes

15-Year Warranty
on all Parallel woodgrain finishes

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