Beautiful like wood, strong like aluminum

Modern Aluminum Structural Solutions, Made to Last in the USA

Parallel Architectural Products is a manufacturer and supplier of versatile aluminum systems, crafted to mimic the timeless beauty of a traditional wood panel. Parallel products combine the appeal of wood with the ingenuity of expertly-designed, long-lasting architectural solutions. Created for use in nine customary building applications, Parallel aluminum profiles can do anything that wood can do, and so much more. Plus, our powder coated aluminum systems won’t warp, crack or fade, and are created especially for simple installation. When you choose Parallel, you can rest easy knowing your commercial or residential project uses the highest quality aluminum, responsibly made in the USA.

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Sustainable Choice

Aluminum isn’t just a durable and resilient material, it can also be fully recycled, making it an eco-friendly choice. Choosing Parallel means opting for a longer-lasting and environmentally-conscious option.

Powder Coated for Strength

Our exceptional powder coating process ensures that Parallel products will look better for longer than alternative methods. Powder coating guarantees top performance even in challenging environments.

Unmatched Wood Looks

With a focus on innovation and a dedication to curating a versatile color palette, Parallel is committed to providing finishes that can suit a wide range of projects, from the traditional to the modern.

Discover Parallel’s Product Capabilities

From creating a stunning facade or functional fence, to crafting a batten statement piece or unique soffit focal point, the possibilities are endless. With an emphasis on functionality, durability and aesthetics, you’ll get more out of your project with Parallel.

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Designed to Inspire

Explore our Ever-Expanding Color Palette of Woodgrains + Solids

Parallel Architectural Products takes pride in its superior woodgrain and solid powder coated finishes. These finishes not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of our products but also offer unparalleled durability and resistance to the elements. Our meticulous powder coating process results in finishes that are vibrant, consistent, and able to withstand the test of time. Whether you’re seeking the natural allure of woodgrain or the sleek sophistication of solid colors, Parallel’s extensive palette guarantees a perfect match for every project.

Plus, we offer color matching and custom color creation for larger projects to help you reach your unique design goals.

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Engineered for Excellence

Reliable Products Produced with Care + Expertise in the USA

Parallel’s product suite is the culmination of years of hands-on experience with aluminum profiles, encompassing everything from manufacturing to specification and installation. Leveraging decades of combined industry knowledge, our team constantly innovates and pushes the boundaries to provide the most advanced products on the market.

Manufactured for Quality

Our manufacturing process is overseen by a dedicated team of product and quality control specialists here in the USA. In our production facility the focus is on exceeding industry standards, while safely and responsibly getting your orders out on time.

Innovative Product Development

The Parallel Product Development team is continuously working to iterate upon and grow our offering of aluminum profiles and sublimated finishes, taking into account industry standards as well as feedback from you, our loyal customers.

Non-Combustible + Fire Safe

Aluminum’s non-flammable nature makes it a safer choice for both large construction projects and smaller installs. Its ability to withstand high temperatures not only enhances safety but also ensures durability in harsh environments.

LEED Certified Building Material

Because of its recyclability and resilience, powder coated aluminum is a “green” and sustainable choice when it comes to building and construction. When working towards constructing a LEED Certified building, opt for Parallel Architectural Products.

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