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Visit our Technical Resources page for more detailed information on our products, including specs and installation information.

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Visit our Warranty page for more information on our warranty, including a link to our full warranty policy and registration application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick answers to your queries about our products, installation process, maintenance tips, and more.

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How do you make your wood-look aluminum?

Parallel’s wood-look aluminum is created through a meticulous manufacturing process that includes extruding our aluminum profiles to create their unique shapes, powder coating each piece in our on-site facility, and sublimating each profile on site as well. For more information, visit our About Our Aluminum page.

How long will your products last?

Ensuring the longevity of your Parallel products means being diligent about regular care and maintenance. Luckily, our products are simple to maintain, and require a very accessible cleaning regimen. Download our Care + Maintenance guide for details. To learn more about our warranty, click here.

Is it easy to install?

Yes, we specifically designed our products for ease of installation. Often, you only need one installer to complete your project, depending upon the project scope. The interlocking design of many of our products makes installation simple. For further installation information, contact our team or visit our Technical Resources page.

Can you help me quote my project?

Of course! Our team of experts is ready to help you establish a plan for your project, including estimates for the amount of material needed, as well as quotes and assistance with technical questions. Submit a form here to get started, or give us a call at 866.472.7255.

How much do your products cost?

For more information on the price of our various products and systems, reach out us via this form and our responsive customer service team will be in touch soon!

Where can I buy Parallel’s products?

Parallel’s products are available through our network of experienced and dedicated dealers nationwide, or through one of our in-house sales reps. Submit a form here to get started, or give us a call at 866.472.7255. Our team is ready and waiting to assist you!

Do I need to refinish the wood-look aluminum?

Nope! One of the perks of using Parallel Architectural Products for your commercial or residential project is that our material does not require refinishing or painting in order to maintain its aesthetic appeal. Visit our Warranty page to learn more about the guaranteed performance of our solid and woodgrain finishes.

What kind of tools do I need to install it?

Parallel’s products can be installed with the basic tools any contractor would have on hand. For more information on our specific recommendations, visit our Technical Resources page or contact our team of experts.

Will the woodgrain or solid finishes fade in the sun?

Our woodgrain and solid finishes are created using only the highest quality powder coating technology available. If cared for properly, we warrant that our woodgrain finishes will not notably fade due to harsh UV rays for 15 years, and our solid color finishes will not notably fade for 20 years. Find our full warranty here.

What sizes do your products come in?

Our products come in an array of sizes, all created in Imperial measurements to eliminate any guessing games when it comes to measuring your material. We also provide all parts at 20’ lengths so that you can cover more surface area and maximize efficiency. Need information on individual part sizes? Contact us.

Can you color match?

We do offer color matching, custom colors, as well as a range of specialty colors through our powder coating partner. We’d be happy to discuss your color needs and help you reach your design goals, just reach out to us!

What is your lead time?

Our lead times vary depending on the product, but we do our best to get you all the material you need well in advance of your project start date. For more detailed information and lead time estimates, submit a form here to or give us a call at 866.472.7255.

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