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Parallel Architectural Products’ cladding system is meticulously crafted to offer the aesthetic appeal of traditional wood, yet it outperforms wood with its superior durability and resistance to the elements.

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Why choose Parallel Cladding?

Resists Warping + Cracking

Our powder coated aluminum products are remarkably resilient and will not warp or crack. This means that your cladding will maintain its beauty and functionality for longer, ensuring a facade that stands the test of time.

Non-Combustible + Fire Safe

Aluminum’s non-flammable nature makes it a safer choice for both large projects and smaller installs. Plus, our products have a Class A Fire Rating, ensuring that when you choose Parallel materials for cladding, you’re selecting a product that prioritizes safety.

Clean + Seamless Finish

The adjustable interlocking channel on our cladding system allows you to choose whether you’d like to install your boards in a no-reveal or reveal configuration. Plus, our no-show fasteners ensure a consistently clean finish.

Control Unwanted Pests

Parallel’s aluminum cladding offers a superior alternative to traditional wooden cladding due to its longer lifespan and resistance to pests that can damage structural integrity, such as termites and beetles.

Enhance Your Exteriors + Interiors

Simple Installation Means Effortless Beauty

Parallel’s products are designed for simple installation, making it easier than ever to create beautiful exteriors or interiors using our cladding system.

Based on an interlocking system comprised of a handful of core components, the Parallel cladding system can be adapted to nearly any building design or architectural vision. Cladding can be installed bottom up or top down for easy repairs, and all of our parts are standardized to true imperial measurements to ensure that you always have the right amount of material to achieve your desired look – no guessing games or rounding up.

Consult our installation guide and technical resources for more information.

Designed to Inspire

Explore our Ever-Expanding Color Palette of Woodgrains + Solids

Parallel Architectural Products takes pride in its superior woodgrain and solid powder coated finishes. These finishes not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of our products but also offer unparalleled durability and resistance to the elements. Our meticulous powder coating process results in finishes that are vibrant, consistent, and able to withstand the test of time. Whether you’re seeking the natural allure of woodgrain or the sleek sophistication of solid colors, Parallel’s extensive palette guarantees a perfect match for every project.

Plus, we offer color matching and custom color creation for larger projects to help you reach your unique design goals.

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Dive Deeper into our Cladding System

Technical Resources + Specifications

For a better understanding of our Cladding system, check out our technical resources. You'll find everything from how to install our product to its specs. Use these resources to make the most of our Cladding system.


Product Literature

Explore and download our product literature for detailed insights into our Cladding system. You'll find everything you need to make an informed decision and unlock the full potential of our offerings.


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Our Limited Warranty

Parallel is proud to offer a warranty as reliable as our products. Our limited warranty covers any buckling, corrosion, or other defects, provided the products have been installed according to Parallel’s specifications and maintained properly. Additionally, we provide a 15-year warranty for the woodgrain finishes and 20-years on solids, including cracking, color change, and more. This ensures your aluminum systems will maintain their beauty for an extended period.

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