About Our Aluminum

Explore the features + benefits of choosing parallel aluminum

State-of-the-Art Aluminum

How We Manufacture our Products

Our top priority is creating an exceptional product that exceeds your expectations, and we take pride in our high tech production process and extensive quality control measures.

  • Our products are created through a process that includes:

  1. The production of our aluminum profiles through an extrusion process
  2. Pre-treating and thoroughly powder coating each aluminum profile via our advanced automatic spraying process
  3. Sublimating our woodgrain finishes to ensure a lifelike and durable wood-look

  • Our Quality Control Team conducts daily tests and inspections on our products to ensure a lack of defects in material or finish.

The Magic Behind our Finishes

Sustainable, World-Class Powder Coating

Parallel’s top-of-the-line powder coating system is specifically designed to ensure the highest possible quality for all our finishes. This advanced system meticulously applies a durable and vibrant layer of color to our aluminum products, ensuring a superior, long-lasting finish.

  • We use Interpon D2000 powders for our finishes, meaning that they all adhere to the AAMA 2604 requirements.
  • D2000 powder coating is VOC-free, scratch resistant, resilient in tough environments, and known for color retention.

Durability, Versatility + Aesthetics

The Features + Benefits of Parallel Aluminum

Resists Warping + Cracking

Our products are remarkably resilient and will not warp or crack. This means that your project will maintain their aesthetic appeal for longer.

Non-Combustible + Fire Safe

When you choose Parallel products for your interiors or exteriors, you’re opting for a safety assurance due to aluminum’s non-flammable characteristics and our Class A Fire Rating.

Marine Grade Material

Our marine-grade aluminum alloy ensures toughness and resistance to corrosion, making it an ideal choice for projects in coastal or high-moisture environments.

Freeze + Frost Resistant

Parallel aluminum systems are engineered to endure freezing temperatures without compromising their structural integrity or visual appeal.

Energy Efficient + Sustainable

Parallel products are VOC-free, durable and
low-maintenance, reducing the need for regular replacement and making them a sustainable choice.

Control Unwanted Pests

Parallel provides a superior alternative to traditional wooden due to its resistance to pests that can damage structural integrity, such as termites and beetles.

Weatherproof Colors

Our powder-coated finishes can withstand rain, shine, or snow, and resist fading under harsh UV rays, testifying to their superb quality.

Lightweight + Easy to Install

Parallel products are naturally lightweight and designed for simple installation. With our adaptable components, you can quickly transform your space.

Scratch-Resistant Powder Coating

As a part of our state-of-the-art powder coating process, we add a subtle texture to our products that assists in protecting our finishes against scratches.

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