Color Palette

We stock an industry-leading selection of woodgrain and solid finishes, and our color development experts are always adding more on-trend selections.

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Modern, Powder Coated Solids

Our palette includes a constantly-growing range of contemporary solid colors, each one powder-coated to ensure strength and longevity. These finishes not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of our products but also offer resistance to weathering and wear.


Classic, Sublimated Woodgrains

Our selection of classic and versatile woodgrain colors, each expertly crafted to capture the natural beauty of real wood. These finishes provide a warm, inviting aesthetic, while benefiting from the durability and low maintenance of our powder-coated aluminum.


Solid Colors

Admiral Blue
Midnight Black
Quick Sand
Sand Stone
Slate Gray
Snow White

Woodgrain Colors

Atlantic Cedar
Australian Cedar
Black Ash
Black Walnut
Bush Cherry
Eastern Mahogany

Please note that the colors provided are a guide only and have been matched as closely as possible to Parallel Architectural Products’ production standards under daylight conditions. As we have no control over the resolution and screens that the colors are viewed on, some degree of color variation may occur. We recommend that you use production line prepared samples for final color selection or approval.

For our full Sublimation Variation Notice click here.

Looking for a Custom Color?

Our color experts are here to help you create something unique for your business, brand or special project.
Reach out to us for more information on our color creation process. Please note that custom colors have longer lead times and are reserved for larger projects. Contact us to get started.

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Our Limited Warranty

Parallel is proud to offer a warranty as reliable as our products. Our limited warranty covers any buckling, corrosion, or other defects, provided the products have been installed according to Parallel’s specifications and maintained properly. Additionally, we provide a 15-year warranty for the woodgrain finishes and 20-years on solids, including cracking, color change, and more. This ensures your aluminum systems will maintain their beauty for an extended period.

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